The wider objective of EDEMTET is: to improve oral health-care through the delivery of dental professionals who are well trained in comprehensive evidence-based treatment planning and clinical decision making. To achieve this, the project will create an innovative open online learning environment that promotes clinical decision making and transfer knowledge from didactic to clinical settings and between various cultures.

Specific objectives of the project are:

1. To modernise the curriculum through incorporating connected e-modules on multidisciplinary (i.e. comprehensive), evidence based treatment planning.

2. To increase the accessibility for a wide group of dental students and professionals to state-of-the-art knowledge in dental and related medical fields.

3. To improve the understanding of cultural and contextual differences, by training understanding of cultural influences and differences in clinical decision-making.

4. To stimulate team-based learning and cooperation in an international context, by training the knowledge, transversal skills and performance of students, dental teachers and dentists.

5. To stimulate the use of, and sound appraisal of, evidence in clinical decision making.

6. To add to the scientific evidence on dental education approaches.